Friday, October 11, 2019

two right shoes

First of all I will start off by saying that this is not a post about me whining or complaining this is simply real life and I felt like I wanted to share today.  Most of my days feel a little frazzled no matter how I plan or how hard I try to plan something comes up or changes or the kids are just wild..LOL
I would love to say that what I'm about to post are rare occasions but it's normal life for me. 
Almost everyday of the week we have an appointment and on Thursdays we have homeschool Co op so we stay very busy and when we go out of town I try to pack lunches and make a day of it. Today the kids were fighting so much so I knew packing lunches would be chaotic so I opted for stopping at Kroger for lunchables instead. So we get the car cart and the kids are sitting close together so of course we are only getting goldfish and lunchables but when the kids are yelling and fighting you can't seem to get out of there fast enough...So as I'm trying to look at something for me that I end up just putting back because someone took someone else's i grab the goldfish and throw them in the cart and said please stop we are leaving now.  It wasn't quite a yell but my voice was a little raised and I look up and this lady is just glaring at me with judgy eyes (it seemed) So we go to checkout and I'm not mad or angry at my kids and they are laughing but I'm still getting this I just brush it off or try ya caught me at a bad time and my kids on a wild what!?
It's alright so we make our way to Findlay and it's raining of course so we can't have our picnic lunch it's ok so I tell the kids they can eat lunchables in the car then we will just go to the library when we get back in town. That worked! well we get to the chiropractor and he goes to adjust Copelan and he has 2 of the same shoes but different sizes and both are for the right feet...made him put his own shoes on today and looked how that turned out...HAHA yeah I was a little embarrassed but I just laughed it off.
I got my coffee kids fought most of the way home and i just turned my music up and we got to library and all was well until I hit my ankle on a book shelf when I sat down to help Copelan on the computer so I'm now sitting here with a bag of frozen strawberries on my ankle hoping the swelling goes down and that it goes away.......When you chronic pain you have a high pain tolerance but when you get one little bruise or hit something your body reacts differently than someone who doesn't have chronic pain/autoimmune disorders.  so one little bump has caused my foot to swell and my right leg to be in pain.  But it really is kids are thankfully napping for this first time in 2 weeks haha so hopefully my foot will recover.
We all have these days whether we are moms or not..we wear 2 right shoes, wear our shirts inside out, forget lunch,realize there is nothing to eat for dinner in your house, the laundry is piled up, you leave and realize there is a stain on your clothes or you just woke up late and didn't get your coffee.  We all have these days and sometimes we can shrug it off and go on and other times we show a little bit of our frazzled mess when we are out in the stores or wherever...Don't jusdge others just smile at them, and when you are the one having that day just take a breath and say it's ok. 
The great thing is God sees this crazy frazzled mess and he loves I come to him and ask him to help me to have patience and as i replay the scenes of today in my head I know tomorrow will be a new day and a new start

Saturday, September 21, 2019

Apples & crafts

Well I’m so happy fall is continuing to arrive..I love the fall weather. I’m loving the fun and adventures we are having everyday. The fun thing at this age with the kids is that sometimes no matter how well you schedule or plan out it doesn’t always go that everyday is something new and different.
Monday we went to an Apple orchard and it was super fun. It was really hot out..but the kids had a blast plus we came home with a ton of apples for eating and apple activities this week. We leaned the letter A and did apple stamping and apple bobbing with tongs and the kids especially copelan loved both of those activities.
Copelan is loving to do crafts lately which makes me happy. He knows right where the supplies is and gets what he needs out and makes lots of “projects”.  I have a Pinterest board called adventures in babysitting because I used to babysit and I loved doing fun and new things with them everyday but now I get to do all that fun stuff with my little ones. Don’t get me wrong it’s a lot of work especially with the age they are at..we have to keep going from one activity to he next one. But it’s definitely fun and worth it. I love seeing what they learn and how different they are.
They are loving the homeschool co op that we are involved in on Thursdays. They loving having school and being with friends, and I get to teach the preschool class and it’s a blast.
Ready to see some pictures from our adventures!?

Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Beautiful fall days

The transition from summer to fall came surprisingly fast I have to say, but I absolutely love fall and this year taking it all in with my two littles has so far been adventurous and enjoyable. I’m excited for what is to come in this new season of fall and of homeschooling. I’m learning so much everyday about myself, the Lord, my kids and our family.  Some days feel pretty tough I will admit but I also know that it really is just a season and I’m enjoying the ups and even the downs.
We’ve had s really fun week so far and I just wanted to share some of our fun :)
Yesterday we painted not on paper like we normally would but on the sidewalk on they painted all over themselves. Tots finger paint was awesome for this.
Today we went on a nature scavenger hunt and the kids had a blast.
And the best way to end an evening in my world is outside reading a book while the kids are happy ❤️

Monday, August 5, 2019

feeling accomplished

Monday has become stay at home/cleaning day for us. What that means is  I do laundry while the kids play or fight..( they play pretty well together most of the time)There is nothing like feeling accomplished am I right? Well I don't feel that yet it normally takes Monday plus 2 or 3 days to have all the laundry folded plus put away. If I can get a couple days of the kids napping..which i desperately need them to do most days. P.S If you've started reading thinking this is going to be's not..😂😜
Today's nap time I was looking forward to drinking coffee and reading some of my book...and then taking a break to put clothes in the dryer and load the dishwasher.
 Today was super hot out but we played outside for awhile and the kids were having so much fun playing together that made me almost let them skip naps today...but i always regret it when 4 pm hits and they are crying and having meltdowns AHHH!  so when I said 5 more minutes they said ok...but then what happened was not ok...they both would not come out of the garage so i had to physically pick them up and bring them in the house while they are both screaming at the top of their lungs..Sorry neighbors. When i get kate calm shes ready for her nap and nice and quiet...Copelan on the other hand took a little longer to become quiet and ready to nap...lets just say their was more screaming and stomping of the feet ( this was not from me ) So after 2 books and answering about 20 random questions all is quiet in the house.  All I hear is the dryer and the I now feel accomplished HAHA! 😄😂
So for all you moms out there who are just not feeling accomplished today...if you got one thing done/crossed off that to do list WAY TO GO!  The kids are happy, the kids are not fighting, the house is quiet, you showered today...
It can be anything...feel good about yourself today! What we accomplish is going to be different then what others accomplish on a Monday...and today both kids are napping and the house is quiet for a little bit at least.


Tuesday, January 22, 2019

think on these

When I first started this blog I was newly married and enjoying life as a wife and being in ministry. Life was still crazy but i was trying recipes and just having fun..then after having my first baby Copelan I thought I will blog about my postpartum journey because it was tough.  I was going through so many changes and didn't quite know or understand how to process it all.  As I got through that I then my second baby Kate and so then I was writing about my journey as a mother with 2 littles and being involved in ministry.  I don't get to post as much as I would like to because I love writing and being able to out my thoughts into words and also helping others, so I'm always writing with the mindset of hopefully I can encourage someone else today.  I never write for pity or anything else it simply to let others know they are not alone in whatever they are going through.
 With all of that We have been going through something new and difficult lately.  I've had back pain for several years and I've learned how to manage it but in the last year I've had several other health issues pop up..Pain basically everywhere, nausea and stomach pain and random swelling.  I've been to so many doctors and had so many test done and we are still on the road to figuring out what is going on. I'm trying to stay positive and trust in the Lord and most days it is very hard to do. As  moms we already feel guilty about multiple things but this is taking it to a whole new level.they hear a lot " I have to rest "and I feel bad for not being able to do as much with them as I want , so  I have to constantly be reminded that God is faithful and he does have a plan. We have good kids and I know we do our best and  someday they will understand even if they don't know.
To this day I still love the name of my blog Crazy beautiful life because life is always going to be crazy but its also beautiful because we always have a reason to be thankful and to praise God for.
 Philippians 4:8 8Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable-if anything is excellent or praiseworthy-think about such things.
- I am constantly making myself stop and saying am I thinking on true things and lovely things? i have to take a step back and think on this scripture so I can think on how good God is. He is good even if where we are in life doesn't feel good.

Tuesday, August 28, 2018

My greatest adventure

The definition of the word adventure is a very exciting or unusual experience. 
Did I travel somewhere?
Did I do something risky and crazy?
Did I try something new?
Not see my greatest adventure is my life..I'm living my adventure and it's pretty exciting. It's exciting because I never know what to expect. One day i wake up and have alone time with coffee and awesome bible study and the next day my kids wakes up at 5 am. I've traveled to the park a lot lately and the weather has been fantastic. Going to the park with 2 toddlers can be risky..just last week copelan was climbing a rock wall at the park and fell from the top so that was scary. He didn't get hurt,,,, Shew! Most of the time I feel like a crazy person..haha I constantly have like 50 things on my mind
When I became a wife almost 8 years ago it was new and all the things we went through as a couple was all very new and then having our first kid was new and exciting and then a short time later having our second kid was also new and exciting.
This sounds pretty fun huh!? adventure and the word exciting sounds fun but it's not always icecream and laughs it's sometimes tears and " Lord give me strength today"
I like to call this an adventure because it's absolutely what it is to might not always be fun but there is always something to learn and there is always a fresh new day where we can start over and try again.
We all have our own's just how you look at it. Life is stressful and confusing but it's also joyful and exciting. I learn something new everyday about me, about our family, our kids and most of all I'm learning more everyday how to lean on God and ask him for wisdom. Because life is stressful and confusing I look to God, I seek his kingdom first and trust in him and from that comes joy and the excitement in life. I know God's got my back no matter how bad the day is or the week.
So stop thinking so negative...Your life may be really hard right now but how can you learn from this situation and what is God doing through this?
Remember Colossians 3:2 Set your eyes on things above and not on earthly things
and Philippians 4:8  Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.

Let Let your new adventure begin today by letting God take your cares and worries trust in him and have joy in life knowing no matter what God is in control. 

Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The theme verse

So in Kids 4 Christ we have a theme verse for our children's ministry each month. We teach the kids this verse on Sunday's and Wednesdays and with the lesson we teach we will incorporate this verse. We want the kids to not only know the verse but understand what it means and how to apply it to their everyday life.  This verse is not just for the kids it's for the leaders to which is why I am writing this post tonight.
The theme verse for June is James 1:19 My Beloved brothers know this Be quick to hear, slow to speak and slow to anger.  
- Tonight I am putting the kids to bed and I get Kate in her bed and then tell Copelan ( 2 and a half years old) to go sit on the potty. As he's on the potty i wait in his room and then i hear the I go in and of course he says more pee so he gets back on the potty and I go back in his room to do what..look at my phone..then a few seconds later I hear the plunger again...this time i sit my phone down and I yell at him. We get into his room and he will not get his pants back on and is screaming, so i pull him off his bed and lay him on the floor and get his pants on him as he's screaming in my face. I honestly had to shut his door and take a break. When I went back in a minute later he was crying so hard and it made me feel awful...he's only 2 as hard as it may be I have to give him grace.  I so need to practice this verse...slow to speak and slow to anger. I don't want to just yell at him and get so angry..seriously..this verse hit me hard tonight as I layed with him and prayed with him and tucked him tonight.
This is exactly what I taught the girls tonight..think before we speak so that way we have time to process and pray and not get angry and do something we regret. I will remember this verse and put it into practice in my daily life.  I want to give my kids grace and be patient with them.
Lord help me to be slow to anger and slow to speak. Help me Lord to have patience towards my kids.
My actions really got to me I am going to make a change. I'm going to slow down and yes that's easy to say right now when the house is quiet and I've had time to chill.  But for real I'm slowing down and not just enjoying being their mom but I'm going to slow down before i react to them and the things they do.  They are just kids and just learning the least I can do is help them learn and be patient with them.   I felt like I had really failed him in that moment but I know we will wake up and he will be excited to see me when he wakes up :) I love waking up in the morning to my kids no mater how tired I am.